Frequently Asked Questions

No!, B-alert community is not a money doubling platform but a complete mutual environment where members focus on achieving a common goal of promoting entrepreneurship
B-alert is a cooperative community which also operates the binary structure of a network marketing system.
Membership of b-alert is voluntary. Follow this link; Read More
B-alert community offers 100 different skills in about eight categories of vocation; Technical, IT, Agric, Cosmetology, Handcraft, Photography, Digital Imaging, Manufacturing / Production
Training time is at the discretion of the coordinator at each center, however b-alert community holds mega intensive training session once every month where different skills are thought at a designated center. The training span through a whole week every once every month.
An individual requesting for loan must meet the following criteria;
  • Must have been a registered member for a minimum period of 90days (3months).
  • An applicant for loan will need two other members of the community as surety.
  • Both of the members provided as surety must be in the same structure in the system as the applicant.
For more details on the B-ALERT loan facilities, please read our policy statement.
In the event that a loan cannot be repaid within the stipulated 6months period, a charge of 8% interest is levied on subsequent months.
The number of times to access the b-alert loan is unlimited, once a loan is repaid, member can apply for a fresh loan.
In order to earn daily income on the b-alert platform, member must ensure they introduce two other members who will be registered on the LEFT & RIGHT in a binary structure. Each of the members registered should be encourage to replicate same, with this the PAIRING DONATION keeps rolling in to the UPLINE and thus earn daily.