Daily Income
50k/day ...

Our members can earn as much as 50,000 per day or more, this they can achieve by attracting just two other members to the community.

B-alert gives you the skills, a platform to earn daily and environment to sell your services and products. NO RESTRICTION on what you can earn -


Once you attract a new member to the cooperative, you automatically qualify for donation either as single/direct or spillover donations.


THE BINARY: Once the left registration matches the right registration you earn 17% of the registration as paired donation. You can earn as much as 50K per day on this


HELPING ONE ANOTHER: Members can register someone under his/her  down-liner, he/she gets the spillover donation, while the down-liner  gets the paired donation

There is no limit to the amount of donations a member can earn daily, as long as they keep attracting new members

Members can  request for withdrawal of their earnings daily, all withdrawal request are paid within 24hrs